This year, 33 women have been severely affected by violence


Mehriban Zeynalova: “Before, women mostly stayed at home, only men worked, but now most of our women, working, have become one of the economic supports of the family”

Although we have been talking about combating domestic violence for many years, there are still many women who have experienced violence in our society. Mental and physical violence against women remains a serious threat to healthy societies.
The Attorney General's Office has released a video message on cases of violence against women.
According to the Prosecutor General's Office, in the first half of 2021 alone, 33 women were injured as a result of premeditated murders. This figure does not yet include all women who are seriously affected by any kind of violence. Because most people are afraid to talk about such cases, to complain - these cases are mostly hidden.
In a video message from the Prosecutor General's Office, it is said that the biggest obstacle in the fight against violence against women is silence: “Do not participate in the crime with silence! If you are faced with violence against women, immediately contact the 961 call center. General Prosecutor's Office! "
In a conversation with Mehriban Zeynalova, chairwoman of the Public Association for Assisting Women "Clean World", she said that although the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence was adopted by the Milli Majlis in 2010, the law remained on paper for six years and did not have a working mechanism. ... ... However, since 2016, an active process has begun in this area, and this process has played a role in preventing domestic violence: “Awareness, propaganda, discussions reveal the essence of domestic violence. Ashamed.
Today, there have been significant changes in society in this direction - in the past, women were mainly at home - only men worked, but now most of our women, working, have become one of the economic pillars of the family. However, I want to note that in some companies, men work under formal contracts, and women under informal contracts. The relevant agencies should work in this direction.
Along with all this, the Internet has become a part of our life. If there is mutual trust and respect in the family, the Internet does not create problems in this family, on the contrary, the family benefits from the Internet. However, in a family where there is no mutual trust, the Internet is a serious problem. During such problems, women become more tolerant and men weaker. Men hate, they leave one day.
The solution to the problem is not only the adoption and operation of laws, but also the surrounding socio-psychological tensions that fuel domestic violence. We are living in a pandemic for the second year in a row, which is one of the factors driving domestic violence. The effects of the environment are manifested, the heat of the month affects the psychology of people - tension rises. Couples who are affected and psychologically weak have problems with each other.
In general, in Azerbaijani society, a man should give up treating his wife as property, they should treat each other as equal couples. "

Akif Nasirli