Once again, the trash caught fire from the heat


Garbage in a landfill burned down in Sumgait the night before, Paralel.az reports. It turned out that the cause of the fire was an increase in temperature. The fire started at night and continued to smoke until morning.
This was stated by the head of the State Environmental Security Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Hikmet Alizade. “Our employees carry out monitoring on a daily basis. During the monitoring carried out yesterday evening, it was noticed that a fire broke out on the territory of the landfill and as a result of burning a mass of waste, an unpleasant smell and smoke spread to the city, the village of Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. Yes, unfortunately, such an unpleasant registration is observed from time to time in Sumgayit, and the service receives numerous complaints about this: “We have repeatedly punished the management of the landfill within the limits of our powers. However, despite the fines, the problem is still not resolved.
The service representative said that he sees a solution to the problem in the construction of a new landfill, proper management of the existing landfill and the organization of sorting.
He noted that the implementation of these measures is the responsibility of the relevant departments, not the service.