Can the Russians protect Armenia's borders?


Zardusht Alizadeh: "It is currently impossible to place Russian border guards on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border."

Despite Russia's call for a ceasefire on July 28, the situation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border remains tense, reports. Meanwhile, Pashinyan wants to discuss with Russia the deployment of Russian border guards along the entire border with Azerbaijan. Can this proposal come true, and if so, what can it promise to Azerbaijan?
We appealed to political scientist Zardusht Alizade to find an answer to the question. The political scientist said that it would be more effective for us, because Armenia has lost its credibility as a state. However, the flaw in the Armenian state philosophy is that they do not recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. It does not matter to us who will stand on the Armenian side after the borders are defined. It is impossible to place it on the Armenian border. "