Teachers are dissatisfied with certification


As is known, the certification of teachers is expected in the autumn. Those who applied to us about this said that the questions in the MIG exams were very difficult. According to them, people specializing in technology and philology are more dissatisfied with this: “In general, the army of teachers, people with higher education and many years of pedagogical experience are dissatisfied with the certification. This means creating distrust in society towards teachers. Teachers are losing prestige. In addition, there are other aspects of people's dissatisfaction with certification. That is, if teachers are to be certified, special books must be published accordingly. People should also prepare on the basis of curriculum, interviews, subject questions. But in reality this is not the case. Everyone publishes a book, it is unknown which of these books will be included in the certification. The teacher also disappears in this chaos, many of them are excited, get sick, and have various complications in their health.
The complainants also spoke about the issue of salaries. According to them, the current salary is not equal for all teachers and does not correspond to modern living conditions: “They say that the average monthly salary for teachers is 720 manat. This salary is for those who have a lesson. In most schools, classes are few and hourly. Therefore, a teacher who teaches 6-10, 12-15 hours cannot receive a salary of 720 manat. In fact, that salary does not meet the current needs of the people. "