Are we disrespectful or are you irresponsible?


According to, due to the guilt of some media representatives who put a journalist card in their pocket, respect and trust in the journalist in society has already been shaken, and the housing issue has been ruined.
Since we have a different situation in state institutions, as in previous years, journalists are almost never replaced. If they did, they would at least clear the pedestrian crossing at the crossroads in front of the publishing house Azerbaijan, which is dominated by journalists.
This road, which crosses Pressy Avenue and Sharifzadeh Street, was repaired about 80 days ago. The road has been repaired, but the pedestrian crossing is not painted. As a result, the lives of hundreds of journalists and other citizens who use the crossing every day are at risk.
I wonder if it is so difficult to solve this problem, which does not require a lot of money and time?
Or is it negligence, or outright disrespect for the journalist?