"Caranti" was nasty from the start


We have been sleeping for more than a year and a half and wake up with the word QUARANTINE. And for some reason, every time you hear this word, you remember the negative image of Carrantin in the film "On Distant Shores".

When Agent Carranti was captured by Agent Mihailo, when he tried to pretend: "I am not German, I am not Italian, I, I ...", Mikhailo gave him a well-deserved name - "YOU ARE DISAPPOINT." We are doomed to a quarantine regime. I would say that the quarantine regime, which the Cabinet of Ministers "extends" every time, is good for people, but I'm lying. On the contrary, the introduction of this unnecessary regime has a negative impact on people's lives, behavior and livelihoods.
Weddings are allowed, but in this case, such senseless restrictions are imposed that the joy of the wedding host, who wants to rejoice for several hours, comes out of the nose.
We are not yet talking about weddings and funerals as a new source of income for regulators. Europeans have already taken to the streets to protest the restrictions and conditions. In Paris, Rome and other European capitals, people are demanding the lifting of annoying restrictions. In France, 160,000 protesters clashed with police, forcing the Senate to amend a tough bill it was preparing to pass on quarantine rules.
In our country, the term of the "vile quarantine" of Prime Minister Ali Asadov has been extended until September 1. It is likely that the regime will extend the life of the regime at least until the new year.