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By Ilham Aliyev's decree, more than 50 oppositionists have been released

18:00 17-03-2019
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, having considered the appeals addressed by a number of convicted persons, members of their families, the ombudsperson and human rights organisations, has signed a decree on pardon, Azeri Daily reports with reference to the press-service of the head of state.

According to the information, over 50 oppositionists are on the list of pardoned.

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As informs Azerbaijani State News Agency, the Order says the decision to pardon the convicts was taken after considering appeals of several convicts, their family members, the Commissioner for Human Rights, human rights organisations to the Azerbaijani President, as well as the personality of convicts, their health state, family conditions, and their behaviour during the conviction.

Under the Order, 399 convicts are released from the unserved part of their prison sentence. The punishment of one person sentenced to life imprisonment has been replaced by 25 years in prison and that of two people by 20 years in prison. In addition, one person is exempt from serving delayed sentence. Eleven people have been exempted from conditional sentence.

One person was freed from public works, 12 people were exempted from punishment in the form of a fine.