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Cuba to roll out mobile internet services for the first time

22:40 05-12-2018
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Cubans will be able to access the internet on their mobile phones for the first time from Thursday, according to the state-run telecoms company ETECSA, Al Lazeera reports.

The announcement is a milestone for the Communist-run island, which has long been one of the Western Hemisphere's least-connected countries and is one of the last countries in the world without mobile internet.

Nearly half of the Caribbean country's 11.2 million residents have mobile phones, although not all will be able to afford to access the internet on them.

In the Mesa Redonda news programme broadcast late on Tuesday, ETECSA executives announced a range of packages valid for 30 days from 600 MB for the equivalent of $7 to 4 GB for $30. Without a package, 100 MB will cost users $10.