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Azerbaijan national team secures first win in UEFA Nations League

14:20 12-10-2018
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

Azerbaijan national football team secured their first victory in the UEFA Nations League.

Report's correspondent informs from Torshavn that the national team beat their rival from the Farer Islands 3:0 at the Torsvollur stadium in the third round match.

The goals were scored by Richard Almeida in the 28th and 86th minutes and Dmitriy Nazarov in the 67th round.

By securing their first win, the Azerbaijan national team brought its score to 5 in the UEFA Nations League, though it was not enough for the team to take the leading position in the third group of the D League, because in the parralel encounter of the group Kosovo reached 7 points by defeating Malta - 3:1. Nevertheless, the team managed to rise to the 2nd stage by outstripping the Faroe Islands which has 3 points.