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Doping - Russia must turn over lab database to be compliant

20:50 16-09-2018
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 The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) emphasised on Saturday that Russian officials will have to submit a copy of the former Moscow laboratory database and raw data if the country's anti-doping agency RUSADA is to be reinstated later this month, Euronews reports.

WADA's compliance review committee (CRC) recommended on Friday that RUSADA, which has been suspended since 2015 over alleged state-backed doping, should be reinstated when WADA's executive committee meets on Sept. 20 provided certain criteria is met - otherwise Russia will again be declared non-compliant.

The announcement drew concern about the transparency of the committee's decision.

WADA responded on Saturday by releasing correspondence between Russian and WADA officials over RUSADA's reinstatement.

WADA also attempted to address what it termed "speculation and misinformation that is circulating" about documents obtained by the BBC that suggested the chairman of the review committee has doubts Moscow will give full access to its laboratories.