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Sergio Cantone: Only EU can strengthen Azerbaijan's sovereignty (Exclusive)

14:50 15-09-2018
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Head of the Euronews Eastern European Bureau Sergio Cantone is sure that Azerbaijan as an alternative energy source is an important country for Europe.

In a conversation with Azeri Daily, Cantone stressed that the implementation of energy projects jointly with the European Union significantly strengthens the sovereignty of Azerbaijan and turns it into one of the significant partners of the EU.

'The more Europe has alternative sources, the better, because dependence on one source always causes problems,' Cantone said.

Touching upon some reforms proposed by some experts, Cantone noted that there is now a misconception that this organisation is becoming a Christian club.

'Europe is the centre of multiculturalism, and representatives of different nationalities and religions coexist here. Many, of course, do not like it, but we have our own values, and if we depart even a little from them, the prospects for the EU will be gloomy. I believe that we should support our eastern neighbours, should not turn into a 'closed continent.' It is necessary to maintain openness to all who share our values,' he said.

Expressing his attitude to the current policy of Turkey, Cantone noted that this country is now moving away from Europe, and this is not in its interests. 'Europe also made its own mistakes in the policy towards Turkey, but Ankara has recently been moving away from its commitments. However, in any case, I think that Turkey is interested in good relations with Europe,' he believes.