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Mubariz Mansimov's brother conned family of refugees

15:20 13-07-2018
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Brother of the owner of Palmali Holding Mubariz Mansimov, Mais Mansimov, does not want to return money to the family of refugees and IDPs deceived by him.

The desperate family addressed an open letter to the oligarch himself. The text of this letter was published by local media.

The letter, signed by 14 members of the same family, says that, despite their numerous attempts to contact Mubariz Mansimov via e-mail and social networks, he ignored their messages, so they decided to address him with an open letter.

'We want to inform you that we twice became refugees: for the first time we had to leave our home in Armenia, and then in Shusha. We all ended up in the same apartment in Narimanov district, with an area of 70 square metres.

After a while, our uncle Nariman Asgarov privatised a shop for bread baking with an area of 47.6 square metres. On April 26, 1999, the State Committee for Property Affairs issued to him a title deed for purchase under number 001155.

In 2004, Farhad Kazimov, Mais Mansimov, who introduced himself as your brother, and your son-in-law Ashur came to us. They told us that they want to build a multi-storey house in the place of our apartment and bakery. We agreed that we would sell them our facilities with a total area of 117.6 square metres for 80 thousand manats. They paid us 48 thousand manats, promising to give the remaining 32 thousand when we free the apartment.

We, as agreed, gave them a power of attorney through a notary for the right to dispose of the bakery. They told us that next morning we can pick up our 32 thousand from them at their office. But the next day instead of 32 thousand they offered us to take only 15 thousand. When we told them that we did not agree, we were dragged out of our apartment by force, all our things were thrown out into the street, and the house and shop were levelled with a bulldozer.

For this reason, our uncle Nariman Asgarov cancelled his power of attorney.

We have long wanted to get to see you, but we were not received. And then they refused to give us these unfortunate 15 thousand. On the money we received earlier, we were able to buy a two-room apartment without repair, in which 14 people now live.

We ask you to receive us and help us,' reads the letter signed by Orkhan Alizadeh, Nariman Asgarov and 12 other members of this family.