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Maxim Shevchenko not fired, he left voluntarily (Ali Karimli in unison with Armenians again)

12:40 13-07-2018
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Today, well-known journalist Maxim Shevchenko has left the Council under the Russian president for inter-ethnic relations. A number of media outlets, in particular Armenian and opposition Azerbajani, tried to present this withdrawal as punishment for the journalist by the Russian president for his loud pro-Azerbaijani statements voiced during his visit to Azerbaijani territories liberated from the occupation.

It is noteworthy that in this issue the opposition Azerbaijani media are in unison with the Armenian media, which falsify the obvious facts.

The thing is that Maxim Shevchenko voluntarily left the Council under the Russian president for inter-ethnic relations, since he did not agree with its policy. And he filed a petition for resignation from this organisation two months ago.

The journalist has repeatedly appeared in the Russian media criticising the activities of the Council, calling for its self-sufficiency and activating its role in interaction with civil society and democratic institutions. Maxim Shevchenko also proposed a number of programs that were supposed to eliminate shortcomings in the work of the Council.

However, after the proposals of Maxim Shevchenko did not find a response and did not begin to be realised, he -- we repeat two months ago -- wrote a petition for his resignation.

With the Armenian media everything is clear: Shevchenko came to Baku, supported the position of Azerbaijan and called for de-occupation of Karabakh. It is not clear why the pro-Azerbaijani statements of the well-known Russian are of such a concern for the local oppositionists? So much so, that they did not even bother to turn their attention to the recent well-known discussions in Russian society. Grasping at the blatant falsification of the Russian media, they began to replicate outright lies.

Today, anyone can find on the Internet a lot of statements by Maxim Shevchenko, which abound with sharp criticism of the Council under the Russian president on inter-ethnic relations and readiness to leave the ranks of this organisation.