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PM accepts landmark inquiry proposals

14:30 13-06-2018
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The Australian government has accepted nearly all of the recommendations from a landmark inquiry into child sexual abuse, BBC reports.

The five-year inquiry found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in Australian institutions.

PM Malcolm Turnbull said that his government would act on 104 of 122 official recommendations. The remaining 18 had not been ruled out, he added.

He said he would deliver a national apology on 22 October.

"The survivors have told their stories and we must honour them," he told reporters on Wednesday.

"Ensure that out of their suffering, out of that abuse, comes lasting reform so what they suffered - the wrongs that were inflicted on them - can never happen again."

The royal commission inquiry, which concluded in December, heard more than 8,000 testimonies about abuse in churches, schools and sports clubs.