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Titanic musical halted on opening night in Southampton

13:50 14-04-2018
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A performance of Titanic the Musical was abandoned after debris fell on to the stage during its opening night in Southampton, BBC reports.

Audience members at the Mayflower Theatre said items began falling shortly after the scene in which the ship hits the iceberg.

An announcer said the show was being halted for "health and safety reasons".

The Southampton run coincides with the 106th anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage from the city in April 1912.

Associate producer Michael Ockwell said: "You couldn't make it up... the irony isn't lost on us."

A theatre spokesman said plaster from a backstage wall had fallen on to the stage but it was "not a major structural issue".

"With the safety of the cast in mind, we made the sensible decision to cancel the second act of the show," he added.