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Boyukaga Hajiyev's health deteriorated

18:30 12-03-2018
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

"My father's condition is not good, he is in intensive care. There are no changes in the positive side. On the contrary, the medication doesn't help.

Report was told by Yusif Hajiyev, the son of the member of the AFFA Coach Committee, former head coach of "Baku" and "Neftchi" Boyukaga Hajiyev.

"Doctors are powerless. The problem is not only in the heart, the tumor in the brain hinders everything. The failure of the two main organs does not allow doctors to do anything. Doctors call it a miracle that he is still alive. My father doesn't recognize anybody. Without surgery, it is impossible to improve the state of the brain. But in the current state, he can’t survive surgery”.

Notably, Boyukaga Hajiyev was taken to Central Clinical Hospital with heart attack diagnosed with cardiogenic shock on February 7.