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Hasan bey Zardabi

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“CoE Secretary General Jagland fell into trap of Armenian lobby”

10:40 13-10-2017
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct. 12


Dirty campaign conducted in PACE against Azerbaijan in the form of a report, titled “The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan”, proves that Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, having become an assistant to the Armenian lobby and getting bribed by it, conducts work against the Azerbaijan state, political expert Bahruz Guliyev told Trend.

According to him, the prejudiced attitude towards Azerbaijan was manifested at the latest autumn session of PACE.

“Despite the fact that from time to time, parliamentarians of PACE from various tribunes and in the media say that they are supporters of the dialogue with Azerbaijan, the clear antipathy of the CoE Secretary General Jagland to Azerbaijan completely refutes these opinions. We also saw this position at the autumn session of the PACE. Earlier, Jagland, openly and brazenly demonstrating pro-Armenian position, said that Azerbaijan must be punished,” noted Guliyev.

“Let PACE answer why 10,000 decisions of the European Court of Human Rights have not been fulfilled in France, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Poland and 12 other countries in recent years? And finally, if Armenia, which pursues aggressive policy, has turned terrorism and other manifestations of crime into state policy, does not comply with the decisions of the PACE and the European Court, why the issue of excluding this country from the Council of Europe hasn’t been raised?” added the expert.

He believes that Azerbaijan should decide whether to remain in the Council of Europe, and PACE in line with this decision should consider what problems it will face in case it loses such a reliable partner as Azerbaijan, which plays an important role in regional security.

It should be reminded that on Oct. 11, PACE adopted two resolutions on Azerbaijan, titled “The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan” authored by co-rapporteurs Cezar Florin Preda and Stefan Schennach, and “Azerbaijan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Europe: what follow-up on respect for human rights?” made by Belgian MP Alain Destexhe.