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President allocates millions of manats for development of theatres in Azerbaijan

15:00 17-04-2019
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on the continuation of measures for the development of Azerbaijani theatres, informs the press-service of the Azerbaijani head of state.

According to the order, for continuation of measures to preserve Azerbaijani theatrical traditions and development in accordance with the requirements of the time, 12 million manats will be allocated from the Azerbaijani Presidential Reserve Fund provided in the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2019.

Azerbaijan State Theatre 'Yug,' Azerbaijan State Theatre of Pantomime, Jafar Jabbarli Yerevan State Azerbaijan Drama Theatre, Shaki State Drama Theatre, Aghdam State Drama Theatre, Fuzuli State Theatre, Gazakh State Drama Theatre, Gusar State Lezgin Drama Theatre, Georgian State Theatre of Gakh district, Ganja State Puppet Theatre, Gakh State Puppet Theatre and Salyan State Puppet Theatre are to receive 100 thousand manats each.

The Ministry of Finance is charged with providing financing in the amount indicated in the order.