Media: France was shown the door again


“The French state authorities, which committed espionage and other illegalities through their embassies without respecting the sovereign rights of the countries, once again faced an international scandal that damaged the reputation of France,” it was mentioned in the article of Observer Online which was published on April 18 titled "France was shown the door again", Paralel.Az reports.

The article says: “After declaration of the French embassy’s intelligence officers as "persona non grata" and dispatching them back to Paris in connection with the criminal case investigated at the security authority of Azerbaijan, in December 2023, several countries have followed this experience delightedly, as well as Burkina Faso, with a Note dated April 16, 2024, declared 3 French "diplomats" as "persona-non grata" for their subversive activities and ensured their expulsion from the country. There is no other country that number of diplomats have been expelled, and the course of events suggests France will break its own record.

Observer Online shares this exclusive Note with its esteemed readers:

“On April 18, 2024, the "France 24" channel says that official Paris considers the expulsion of diplomats from the country unjustified. "There was no legal basis for this decision of the Burkinabé officials, we only feel regret," said Christophe Lemoine, the spokesman of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Simultaneously, the representatives of New Caledonia, which had suffered from the colonial policy of France throughout history, are currently official guests at the Azerbaijani Parliament.

"This document is also a "road map" for New Caledonia. In this regard, we wish that the memorandum which we signed with the Azerbaijani Parliament to contribute to the prevention of France's aggressive policy against New Caledonia" – chairperson of the committee of the New Caledonian Congress Omayra Naisseline said in her speech on April 18, 2024 in the Azerbaijani Parliament.

Among the ambassadors of the Republic of France abroad, the only ambassador whom E. Macron is compelled to know the most is the French ambassador to Azerbaijan, Anne Bouillon, who observes these developments from Paris.”