Russian MFA warns Yerevan that West plays dirty games in region


Russia called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to reduce military rhetoric, said Maria Zakharova, the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia at briefing she held today in her response to Armenian journalist's question about the escalation of the situation on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border, Paralel.Az's Moscow correspondent reports.

She said that she touched on this issue during early briefings.

“We call on parties to reduce military rhetoric. We believe that all territorial disputes and claims between Baku and Yerevan should be solved by political-diplomatic methods, within the framework of a bilateral commission on border delimitation with no exception. We are ready to provide any assistance in this regard. We urge the restoring of the tripartite format between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia,” – Zakharova stressed.

Russian MFA Spokeswoman has also warned about the activities of the West in the South Caucasus region: “We warn that the West is playing dirty games to destabilize the situation in the region.”