Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — Fox News


Former US President Donald Trump has once again been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by US House of Representatives member Claudia Tenney, Paralel.Az reports citing Fox News.

According to the American lawmaker, the merit for which Trump should be awarded is the help in signing the Abraham Accords - documents on the normalization of Israel's relations with the UAE and Bahrain. "The valiant efforts by President Trump in creating the Abraham Accords were unprecedented and continue to go unrecognized by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, underscoring the need for his nomination [for the award] today," Fox News quoted Tenney as saying. "For decades, bureaucrats, foreign policy 'professionals', and international organizations insisted that additional Middle East peace agreements were impossible without a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. President Trump proved that to be false," she said.

To date, Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, including for his role in brokering the Abraham Accords.