Azerbaijan to set up Chamber of Appraisers


A Chamber of appraisers will be established in Azerbaijan, it is stated in the draft law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it was reflected in the draft law "On evaluation activities" (first reading) which was discussed at the meeting of the Milli Majlis today, Paralel.Az reports.

According to the draft law, the Chamber of Appraisers is a non-commercial legal entity established on the basis of compulsory membership of appraisers and carrying out its activities based on the principle of self-government.

Persons who are not members of the Chamber will not be able to engage in appraisal activities in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The activities of the Chamber of Appraisers are regulated by the Non-Governmental Organizations (Public Associations and Foundations) Act and the Statute of the Chamber of Appraisers.