Russian political analyst: Peacekeepers will not stay in Azerbaijani territories


“Armenian society is tired of the Garabagh issue. The Russian peacekeeping contingent will also leave the Azerbaijani territories. Those who seek the interests of the Armenian lobby in Russia will stay tight-lipped and sit quietly," a political commentator of "Moskovskiy Komsomolets" newspaper, a well-known journalist Aleksandr Budberg said in an interview with Paralel.Az's Moscow correspondent.

According to him, the economy is the basis of the reintegration process of Armenians into the Azerbaijani society: "If economic projects and economic cooperation will be launched in this region, it will speed up the reintegration process. All these processes must be done in sequence. It is quite clear that Azerbaijan will never look at this region in the form of autonomy or some separate status. Let's say so, there will be no status. The status of those living there will be the same as the status of the population living in other regions of Azerbaijan."

"Armenian society is tired of the Garabagh issue"

According to the Russian expert, the official Yerevan has already accepted this reality: "Armenian society is also calm about this issue and what is happening in general. This can be seen by looking at the number of protestors. This means that even Armenia does not actually claim the separate status of Garabagh. This actually shows that the Armenian society is tired of the Garabagh issue. The Armenian society no longer wants to have a steak in Garabagh every year."

“Civil life will start in Garabagh”

Budberg believes that the Russian peacekeeping contingent will not stay on the territory of Azerbaijan: "First of all, Azerbaijan will not want to extend the stay of the peacekeepers on its territory. Secondly, if peacekeepers used to determine the border between the parties, the line of contact, from now on there will be no such border. Civil life will begin in Garabagh. Therefore, I think that the Russian peacekeeping contingent will no longer stay in Azerbaijan. I don't see any reason for the peacekeepers to stay in those areas.”