Lebanese speaker calls for a session to elect president of country on June 14


Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri called on Monday for parliament to hold a session on June 14 to elect a new president, Paralel.Az reports citing TheNationalNews.

The announcement came as the Free Patriotic Movement, one of Lebanon's biggest Christian parties, along with opposition parties, officially declared its support at the weekend for presidential candidate Jihad Azour, following weeks of internal negotiations.

Mr Azour is the head of the Middle East and Central Asia department at the International Monetary Fund and a former Lebanese minister of finance.

He will be facing Suleiman Frangieh, an MP backed by the powerful pro-Hezbollah bloc.

Mr Frangieh is the head of the Marada Movement, a Lebanese political party and a former Christian militia active during the Lebanese civil war. He is considered to be a close friend of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.