Wake up, understand yourself, man - Firuz Mustafa


Wake up, understand yourself, man...
As if two football teams with unequal strength are playing on a huge field. The number of such players does not match. This game is not on a green field, but on a field filled with human blood. Now the whole world is a fan of this "game". In this "game" children's breasts are pierced, men's heads are separated from their bodies, caterpillars pass over old people, golden bullets "grow" in women's breasts, cities are destroyed, villages are devastated.
As if humanity is moving from the past to the past, and not from the past to the future.
The Buchan massacre, a complete repetition of the Khojaly genocide, chills people's blood.
Will this world be a peaceful, quiet, happy day?
... Throughout history, the fate of people depended on the world. Today, on the contrary, the fate of the world depends on man. Some crazy, insane maniac can turn the world into a burning ball by pressing the red button at hand.
Wake up, understand yourself, man.