Azerbaijani MP: Mission of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh can be called an anti-peace mission


The recent increase in Armenian provocations in Karabakh is not without reason, deputy chairman of the defense, security and anti-corruption committee of the Azerbaijan's Parliament, Hikmet Babaoglu told Paralel.Az.

The MP stressed that these provocations take place in the context of the international community, more specifically, the US diplomacy, taking an active initiative to sign a possible peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan: "If we take this into account, then it will be clear that the provocations are carried out with the support of the forces that don't want peace in the region. One of the points to pay attention to in this regard is the behavior of the Russian peacekeepers temporarily deployed in Karabakh. They very obviously, without hesitation, patronize Armenian provocations and assist in the transportation of weapons and ammunition under their direct control to our territory. It can be called an anti-peace mission of a peacekeeping mission. Thus, the anti-peace mission completely deviates from the rules of conduct recognized by the tripartite Declaration. In such a case, there is no doubt that criminal acts committed on the territory of Azerbaijan cannot go unpunished, and Azerbaijan will use its sovereign rights to take the most decisive decisions."

Hikmet Babaoglu highlighted that some local control measures have already been implemented in Khankendi-Khalfali-Istisu and other directions: "However, if the joint provocations of the Armenian provocateurs and the temporary peacekeeping mission against Azerbaijan are not stopped, neither peacekeepers nor Armenians who violate our laws can remain in Azerbaijan. It is a pity that Armenia has forgotten the realities of the war that ended two and a half years ago and has decided to prepare for another war. In recent days, the crime committed against the soldiers of our national army in Zangilan, the provocations committed in different directions of the conventional border suggest that although Armenia supports peace on the surface, in practice it continues to be a tool for those who drag it into a new military-political adventure. However, Azerbaijan no longer has the patience to tolerate the criminal whims of the stubborn peacekeepers who do not fulfill their mission, nor Armenia, nor the Armenians living in Karabakh. "Azerbaijan can suddenly put an end to all these provocations at an appropriate time."