London reportedly considering labeling Wagner Group terrorist organization


The UK Home Office is discussing potential plans to designate the Wagner Group private military company a terrorist organization, Paralel.Az reports citing the Telegraph.

A final decision has not been made yet and talks about proscription are at an early stage and are not as advanced as the planned proscription of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Nonetheless, the Wagner Group could be labeled as a terrorist organization "much quicker" than the IRGC, insiders told the newspaper on Friday.

On Monday, UK Foreign Office ministers will discuss Wagner and its activities, according to The Telegraph.

If the military group is designated as a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom, it will become a criminal offense in the UK to belong to the Wagner Group, attend its meetings, encourage support for it, or carry its logo in public. It could also affect the group’s money-raising abilities, if any of its revenue streams run through British financial institutions, The Telegraph said.