Member of Public Council under Azerbaijan's MENR: We demand returning of illegally exploited mines


"We are holding a protest in Shusha to say "no" to environmental terrorism," said a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, chair of the "Support for innovative education of women and children," Public Union Aynur Zulfugarova told Paralel.Az's correspondent to Shusha.

"We are protesting in a peaceful way. We deliver our demands in a peaceful way on our own land. We say "no" to environmental terrorism!" said Aynur Zulfugarova.

According to her, there have been more than 150 mineral deposits in the territories liberated from Armenia's occupation, and 60 of them have been illegally exploited.

"We demand returning of our illegally exploited mines. Unfortunately, the peacekeepers put pressure on our action," said the member of the Public Council under MENR.

Aynur Zulfugarova recalled that an appeal was addressed to the Commander of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, Major General Andrey Volkov.