Residents to be moved to buildings constructed in Shusha, in 1st half of 2023


By the first half of 2023, the population will be settled to 8 buildings built in Shusha, Paralel.Az-Economics reports.

Due to buildings built during the Soviet Union have reached the end of their service life, deformed as a result of two wars, moreover, as those building harm Shusha’s historical architecture, 10-11 of them were dismantled, and 3,4,5 storeys of modern buildings are being built, in accordance with Shusha’s atmosphere, and historical architectural structure/

The construction of the school in Shusha is planned to be completed by 2023: “Probably it will completely be ready by the next academic year. Moreover, the construction of the hotel is almost completed and that hotel will likely be handed over next year.”