Azerbaijanis protested in The Hague over Armenia's provocations-PHOTO


The Azerbaijani community in the Netherlands held a permitted picket in The Hague, said State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Paralel.Az reports.

Reported that our compatriots protested against the large-scale military provocation by the Armenian armed forces on the state border of our country, their aggressive policy, the burying of mines in the territories of Azerbaijan, they raised their voices of truth regarding the fate of the missing Azerbaijanis, and drew the attention of the Dutch public and political circles to the factors that hinder peace in the region.

"Armenia, withdraw your illegal troops from Karabakh!", "Armenia, sign the peace agreement!", "Armenia, stop the policy of occupation!", "Armenia, do not pursue a policy that serves the interests of third countries in the South Caucasus!" Armenia, restore communications in the region!", "Armenia, stop being a provocateur in the region, stop your military provocations!", "Armenia, stop the blockade of Nakhchivan!" such slogans were voiced at picket.

The Congress of Benelux Azerbaijanis and the Azerbaijan-Netherlands "Odlar Yurdu" Society took an active part in the picket held at the initiative of "Ana Vatan" European Azerbaijani Women's Union.