Martyrs laid to rest in Azerbaijan's Shaki and Kurdamir-PHOTO


Nazar Agajalil oglu Azizov, warrant officer of Special Forces, a resident of Deyirmanli village of Kurdemir district, born in 1991, who martyred as a result of Armenian provocation was laid to rest, Paralel.Az's local bureau reports.

His relatives, employees of the regional executive power, representatives of the regional community and local residents took part in the farewell ceremony organized in the house where the martyr Nazar Azizov lived.

Later, the martyr Nazar Azizov was buried in the Alley of Martyrs located in the district.

Zahid Abishov, Devran Asgarov

Funeral of the soldier of the Azerbaijani Army, born in 2003, a resident of the Kichik Dahna village of the Shaki region, Nihad Mehman oglu Gasimov was brought to the Kichik Dahna village of the Shaki region where he was born, Paralel.Az's North-west bureau reports.

His family members, employees of the Ministry of Defense, the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription, the Executive power of the Shaki region, and representatives of the regional community and local residents attended the farewell ceremony held in the house where Nihad Gasimov was born.

The motto “Martyrs do not die, Motherland is not divided” was sounded out, and prays were read to the soul of the martyr.

Martyr Nihad Gasimov was laid to rest in the Martyrs of Alley in the administrative area of the Kichik Dahna village where he was born. The Tricolor Azerbaijani flag wrapped in the coffin of the martyr was presented to his father.

Vugar Heydarov