Karaulov recalled Baku


Andrei Karulov, a well-known journalist from the USSR and Russia, criticized the entry of Moscow's troops into Kazakhstan, equating it with the Soviet Union's dispatch of punitive forces to Baku in 1990. Karaulov says the intervention of Russia and its allies in Kazakhstan under the CSTO flag also violates the organization's charter. Because, according to the charter, an organization can take such a step only in the event of foreign interference in one of the participating countries. Speaking on January 20, the Russian journalist noted that at that time military paratroopers were sent to the civilian population, and the only goal was to defeat A., who had lost his authority among the people. This was to protect the power of Vazirov. Karaulov recalls that General Lebedev, the commander of the troops that infiltrated Baku, walked through the streets of the capital, full of corpses, like the victorious commander of the PDM, and the people he killed were peaceful and unarmed. Karaulov strongly condemns Russian human rights defenders, famous poets and writers, politicians and scientists who today were silent about the military intervention in Kazakhstan, and says that the late Heydar Aliyev, who only in those years lived in isolation in Moscow, protested against the January 20 massacre.
The dream journalist states unequivocally that Moscow's invasion of Kazakhstan under the auspices of the CSTO is a clear military aggression against international law, and this should be resolutely condemned by all honest people.