Inoperability of ATMs - a problem for retirees


One of the difficulties faced by the citizens of the country is associated with ATMs. Residents of the capital complained about the inoperability of ATMs located in Shahriyar-6 of the Yasamal region. According to citizens who regularly receive their pensions at an ATM located at this address, this situation is observed every month: "There are two ATMs at this address, one belongs to Kapitalbank, and the other belongs to the International Bank." But every month we face difficulties. The ATM either does not work or breaks down when transferring salaries or pensions. The complexity of the download creates an additional problem for our already sick souls. We always use ATMs at the address where we live, but such a problematic situation makes us nervous.
ATMs should always work, quickly. Or, if there is an ATM in the area where we live, why should retirees who are counting on retirement travel to other parts of the city in search of ATMs ?! "