Dissatisfaction with "Bravo"


A complaint was received from the local point of sale of the Bravo supermarket chain. Residents of the capital who contacted us complained about the lack of cashiers in the market located in the Yasamal region, Z. Khalilova quarter, 568: “People living in this area use the Bravo market at this address. However, despite the fact that the store has several cash registers, most of them are open during the day, and at least two. This causes discontent among people in line. Because, first of all, because of the virus, we need to keep our distance, and we do this to the best of our ability. However, due to the lack of cashiers, shoppers queuing at the checkout have to stand next to each other to fit into a narrow market. A situation that annoys buyers occurs every day at any time of the day. This concern has existed for about two years since the opening of the market. But nobody is taking any action. "
We have contacted the Bravo sales office at the address provided. According to the market, the store has the required number of cash registers. But the situation when only one cashier works, which makes customers unhappy, arises only at the end of the day, in the evening.
It should be noted that despite the fact that all cash registers in the store operate according to the market principle, the applicants emphasize that the anxiety they encounter occurs in the market in the morning and in the evening, during the day.