The soldier's family is dissatisfied with the Republican Clinical Hospital


Elshan Guliyev: "Currently, my two brothers, sisters and 5 sons are facing the enemy, we are fighting for this country, and there is no one in the country who treats our patients normally. I ask you to help us, the family of fighters."

Recently, our editorial office often receives complaints from patients of the Republican Clinical Hospital named after Academician Mirgasimov. Guliyev Elshan Mirish oglu, a resident of Alinazarli village of Beylagan region, addressed one of such complaints to our editorial office today. According to the complainant, her sister Guliyeva Antiga Mirish gizi is diabetic and was taken to the Republican Clinical Hospital in critical condition yesterday: "First, the patient was taken to the first building of the hospital. After preliminary examination, the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit of the first building. I protested that if the patient was sent to this hospital by official referral from Beylagan District Central Hospital, why do you send the patient to a private hospital when there is a possibility of hemodialysis? When I wanted to discharge the patient, they agreed that he would be hemodialized in this hospital. He underwent hemodialysis yesterday, but there is no one to take care of him in the intensive care unit. They do not take care of the patient or take him to another hospital. and 5 sons of our brothers are facing the enemy. We are fighting for this Motherland, and there is no one in the Motherland who treats our patients normally. I ask you to help us, the family of the fighters. "

So far, our attempts to contact the Republican Clinical Hospital have not been successful, and as soon as the connection is established, we will inform the readers about the position of the hospital.