Elections in Armenia did not clarify the prospects for the development of the state


The elections in Armenia did not clarify the prospects for the development of the state. The country is in a deplorable state - everyone understands that.

Sputnik Armenia columnist Svetlan Grigoryan writes about this. Pathos and enthusiastic enthusiasm in the speeches of the leaders of the Armenian opposition declined. Meanwhile, the authorities, freed from the hour of uncertainty, began to think and with renewed vigor began to prove to citizens that the country has a future. The country is shrinking in size, losing its weight and place on the political map of the world, and if this continues, it can become a geographic concept. When commenting on a situation, people are careful, speak vaguely, or refuse to speak at all. Citizens have a hard time: in one case, they are forced to defend themselves against accusations of indifference and infantilism. Among the most harsh accusations against the opposition is the idea that the Armenian people made a deliberate mistake by handing over power to Pashinyan again. This is already deadly for Armenia. With this deliberate mistake, the Armenian people showed the world their miserable position and political morality. There is reason to think. We lost the war, there were no particular successes in the economy, on the one hand - the invincible coronavirus, on the other - the conflict in society and the settled refugees, everyone seems to be doing something and they don't care. They sit in cafes and restaurants, as if nothing had happened, and go to Sevan and Tsakhkadzor to have fun. What happened to the people and Armenia, what is the reason for the loss of national pride, on the one hand, worries the media. There are many versions, for example, "the instinct of self-preservation has weakened" and the depletion of positive energy "until the ancient people are on the verge of extinction." If so, what will happen? According to some, the political class must understand that an alliance with Russia is the only way for the state to survive. Armenia should deal with this issue on a daily basis and not rely on donor assistance. Armenia is becoming the most backward country in the region, and this trend is beginning to acquire an institutional character, says a member of the Hayastan (Armenia) opposition bloc, former Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan. Warnings about the loss of the country by the Armenians who lost the war and surrendered their border lands in parts do not cause the expected alarm. But maybe they will lose or find? Perhaps they are changing a country built on a mixture of many day-to-day problems, worries, unresolved problems and uncertainties for a country that is completely submissive to where we can live, albeit under someone's command. This is also an option. But then the question immediately arises: dear citizens, loudly "We are the owners of our land!" I do not respond. Indifference to your own loss, your destiny. The people are silent and, at best, weakly fight against reproaches, because they have forgotten their traditions and indifference. But not everything is so simple. “Artsakh has been surrendered, I am expecting the worst, we are waiting for our statelessness, I am waiting for this. We must either die on our land, or become a nomadic tribe, ”Svetlana Grigoryan said in the column.