The director receives a "fee" from the maternity ward of the Beylagan Central Hospital - a complaint


A bribe of 300 manats is taken from each newborn child.

It is reported that Ruhangiz Bashirova, who was replaced by the head of the medical office Ramin Bayramli in the post of chief physician of the Khojavend hospital, has already turned the hospital into a center of open trade and bribery.

A resident of the village of Ashigly J. Alieva, one of the victims of bribery in the maternity ward, said that director R. Bashirova demanded a bribe from the maternity ward doctors in the amount of 300 manats for each child born. The child's mother writes that I gave the midwife 200 manats, but she did not take it, threw it back to me and said that she would not let the child out of the ward. Then he said that we should give 300 manats only to director Ruhangiz Bashirova, go to fix the money, bring it, then pick up the child from the department.

In addition, patients claim that Ruhangiz Bashirova demanded money from patients in order to receive bribes from nurses. We have an audio recording of this and we will share it on social media in the coming days.

Residents of Beylagan sent complaints to higher authorities about bribery of director R. Bashirova. Copies of these complaints were also received by our editorial office.

The stench of bribery, created in Beylagan by the director of the "Beykhang" MRC, Ruhangiz Bashirova, has already spread not only to Beylagan, but to the entire republic.

I wonder why the director of TABIB R. Bayramli, the head of the executive branch of Beylagan Asif Agayev, the district prosecutor Ramazan Khadiev and other officials in charge of the fight against bribery are so upset about the bribe that Ruhangiz Bashirov gave out in the hospital! ..

Maybe the officials in Beylagan understood the president's fight against bribery and corruption as a further spread of bribery in the country ?!

But what will happen if the black masks of the DTK will know about the actions of those who drank water from the "bribe diary" of Dr. Ruhangiz, who was a fan of Beylagan MX ?!