It is no secret that due to the naturalness of each season, people, including government bodies responsible for the social well-being of citizens, take various preventive measures and prepare. Usually they prepare for the winter season, but, as we have already noted, each season has its own difficulties.
For example, if today the authorities responsible for the country's gas industry are asked: “Are you ready for winter?”, Then the answer will be unequivocally positive. But as winter approaches, various problems will arise with the supply of natural gas consumed by the population. “Sometimes it turns pale, sometimes it turns red, goosebumps in my soul,
Black hands walk like a shadow according to the conscience of the "officials". The poet's spirit forgives me for interfering with his poetry. Now it is reported that two months ago, if you asked Balababa, the head of Azerenergy, who was side by side with the witches, "Sir, they say a heat wave is coming, is the organization ready for it?" Today's difficulty with the transmission of electricity is a consequence of "that fat aunt who fed BalABAB to the head of state." I'm not talking about the regions, but what does it mean to turn off the lights on the clock on a hot summer day in the main village of the country, when the lights are so weak? Most of the oil money flowing into the country has been spent on upgrading gas, water, electricity and roads. Is this the result? Gas is cut off in winter, water and electricity are unbearable in summer, and their selling price increases every year when there are drawbacks. People buy refrigerators and air conditioners for their convenience whenever possible, but they cannot use the equipment for fear of the heat, even if the liver is cooked and the soup is spoiled. Because the light "catches the eye", like a boy mocking a girl.
Do you think that the repair and restoration work carried out after the accident at the Mingachevir TPP was of high quality? No friends, no spitting were committed there, and, as it is said in the film "The Great Support", millions of the state were dishonestly eaten. His voice will be heard later, and then it will become clear that he is as fresh as the low metropolitan substations made of painted powder.
In the meantime, I wonder if the chairman of Azerishig, who is rapidly moving up the career ladder, was able to clear the BalaBABA office of demons ?!