Mr. Minister of Education, RESIGN! - The pedagogical community is very dissatisfied with the "reformist staff" of the Minister of Education E. Amrullayev



I do not have such a saying, I do not cry. For some reason, this example comes to mind when thinking about the activities of the education system, the ministry that is directly responsible for this area. Our education, which is a prisoner of different interests, has become an experimental laboratory, and everyone has a handle on it, is really in a state of tears. After Misir Mardanov, who once halted education, those in the minister's office even gave him an artificial respiration machine instead of giving him life.
The pedagogical community is still experiencing the bitter consequences of their experiments, as the personnel brought to the ministry after M. Jabbarov as representatives of the "reformist wing" are foreigners in this field.

Emin Amrullayev, who has studied since Bayil, did not go beyond the live broadcast on Facebook

After the arrival of Emin Amrullayev from the Institute of Education to the Ministry of Education, many believed that there would be revolutionary changes in this area. After all, he was also the head of the Education Development Programs Department of the Ministry for 5 years… However, Mr. Amrullayev's reforms did not go beyond answering the questions of his followers by launching a live broadcast on Facebook. Despite the fact that there is one month left until the end of his first year as Minister, no significant changes have been signed. With the exception of some staff changes, Emin counts his days as a coach waiting for the end of the championship with a weak team. Let's count the days of our Minister, and let's list some of the problems of education, so that some may wake up.

Personnel reforms of the Ministry; Is conducted at the level of "friend of friend of friend". RELATIONSHIP OR ASSIGNMENT

Let's start with the personnel "reforms". Professionalism does not play a role in the selection of people brought by Emin Amrullayev to the ministry and the education sector in general. Here, friendship, kinship, assignment are considered the greatest professionalism. After removing Deputy Minister Mahabbat Valiyeva from the ministry, bringing Mehriban Valiyeva, who is considered to be her successor, to the ITU is a clear example of the criteria used by the Minister.
Also, the "professionalism" taken into account in the appointment of Khayala Ahmadzadeh, the deputy director of the ITUC, is a prestige created by being the sister of a friend of the minister's friend.

The new directors work on the principle of "licking the finger that holds the honey."

Fuad Babayev, the head of the general education sector of the ministry, is mostly engaged in bringing his relatives to senior positions by "passing exams" in the capital's schools. Suffice it to say that two people who were deputy directors during their tenure were appointed directors with high scores on F. Babayev's "exam". As this scoring takes place, the directors then work on the principle of "licking the finger holding the honey".

According to Rubrika.Az, those who have been "rotten" in the general education sector of the Baku City Education Department can be appointed directors. There is no question of reform or examination. Because F.Babayev has long sent the adopted reform programs and decisions to the archives of history. We still know the name of F.Babayev from the secondary school # 95. We are currently conducting journalistic investigations into F. Babayev, whose name is associated with immoral acts that do not befit a teacher, and we will soon bring it to the attention of our readers.

The press service, governed by the rules of "grievances" - "Is there a place for resentment?"

The activity of the Public Relations Sector of the Ministry is a practical tool. In order not to lag behind his ministers, Jasarat Valehov, director of education and research at George Washington University in the United States, builds public relations according to his mood. For example, Mr. Valehov does not respond to my appeals to the ministry because he is angry with me. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Asked why our appeals were not answered, Adviser E. Nasibov told another official of the ministry that Mr. Valehov did it because he was angry with me. Now look at how a ministry responsible for the development of our education is governed by "rules". The value that a person receives from the University of Washington at that age is resentment. Why did you need an internship across the ocean for a year? We regret to say that the Press Service of the ITUC continues this tradition. The difference is that when we keep in touch by phone, we have hopes that the Press Service of the ITU will respond to our appeals.

None of the traditional problems in the education system have been solved. Arbitrariness and procrastination in the capital's schools during the admission to the first grades, as well as the "vision-care" system have become even more widespread. Admission to prestigious schools was more difficult than admission to universities. It is no coincidence that all this is said to be coordinated by the ministry. According to the information, special attention is paid to this "profitable" area. Although dissatisfaction with the total irregularities in the admission and transfer of students has reached its peak, the situation is not only not improving, but is getting out of control day by day.

In this article, we have brought to your attention a very small part of the atmosphere prevailing in the Ministry of Education. One year is left until the year of the destroyed dreams of those who rejoiced in the appointment of E. Amrullayev as a minister. But old factions and intrigues prevail in the ministry. M.Jabbarov's next candidate and presentation to the education system did not justify itself. Apparently, Mr. Jabbarov is no longer able to pay due attention to this area, or they do not provide him with information from E. Amrullayev, known as his "favorite". Otherwise, Michael, who has a high level of trust in the state, would not have been silent about the shortcomings of his presentation.

APPEAL to Altay Hasanov

Mr. Altay Hasanov, Head of the Secretariat of the First Vice President, I think we should pay more attention to this issue. It is necessary to provide more detailed information to the relevant authorities, to say "stop" to what happened. At least the education system means the future of all our children. Our indifference to what is happening today will cause us to regret it tomorrow. The next regret has not benefited anyone yet!