President Ilham Aliyev in Davos reminds about Baku’s foreign policy priorities to world

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 24

By Matanat Nasibova - Trend:

Participation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, undoubtedly, has become the main event of the political agenda in Azerbaijan this week.

Unlike the previous ones, the current forum will be remembered not only for its topics devoted to the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate and achievement of the sustainable development goals, or for a number of important meetings held with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev, but also for a clear message delivered by the Azerbaijani president at a panel meeting on the topic “Strategic Outlook: Eurasia”.

So, answering quite a provocative question by the panel moderator about which of the countries of the Eurasian space Ilham Aliyev would call first, having a choice, to Moscow or Beijing, the Azerbaijani leader unequivocally said - to Baku.

Judging by the protracted pause of the interviewer, such a response from the head of the Azerbaijani state puzzled the European moderator. Meanwhile, with this message, President Ilham Aliyev highlighted the important emphasis of Baku’s foreign policy. The Azerbaijani president reminded Europe and the whole world that Azerbaijan implements a friendly policy towards its neighbors, but first of all, Azerbaijan’s national interests are always a priority of state policy.

Such a clear and reasoned message from the Azerbaijani president once again confirmed his personal connection with the people, as well as personal trust in the citizens of his country. This fact, voiced at the platform of such a significant European forum, is certainly worth a lot. Undoubtedly, the confident speech by the Azerbaijani president will be often quoted by many foreign media.

The variety of questions on the Davos platform was quite wide and the head of the Azerbaijani state gave clear answers to a number of questions regarding structural changes in the government, serious reforms in the political and economic spheres that were carried out in Azerbaijan, and will be carried out in the coming years.

“All the achievements which we enjoyed during the years of independence we achieved due to the commitment of our people to our independence and the fact that we have managed to implement very serious reforms in political and economic area,” President Aliyev said.

These words of the president testify that all the goals and tasks set for Azerbaijan, based on mutual trust, are always supported by people.

Azerbaijan has proved itself as an independent country pursuing a balanced domestic and foreign policy under the leadership of President Aliyev for a long time.

Azerbaijan continues to develop rapidly. The country’s opinion is taken into account in the region and the world. Our country is recognized as a reliable partner and the safest country in the region, which pursues an independent policy. It is the initiator of large-scale transnational projects that lay the foundation for economic sustainability of the entire region.

It is appropriate to stress that the leaders of many leading countries, including Russia and China, recognize Azerbaijan as a reliable and stable partner for building a long-term political dialogue and economic cooperation.

It seems that the president’s confident answer to the European moderator’s question in Davos was clearly justified and once again confirmed that Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people are a single whole and such a model of interaction may serve as an example throughout the Eurasian space.

Head of Russian News Service at Trend News Agency Matanat Nasibova

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