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Russian naval ships return from long voyage across the Atlantic

17:20 14-11-2018
Şriftin ölçüsünü dəyiş  

A group of the Baltic Fleet ships - the corvettes Stoiky and Soobrazitelny - have ended a long voyage to the Atlantic Ocean, having covered more than 3,000 nautical miles and returned to a base in Baltiysk on Tuesday, the fleet’s press service reported.

"The ships’ crews spent more than 20 days at sea <...> The ships returned from the voyage in good repair and ready to fulfil the designated tasks after replenishment," the report says. The main task of the voyage was the provision of naval presence and the demonstration of St. Andrew’s flag in different areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

During the voyage the crews worked out tasks of the naval drills, repelled an air strike of the "enemy" and trained counter-sabotage actions while anchored at the roadstead. The crews carried out the electronic launches of anti-submarine guided missiles. Ka-27 shipborne helicopters carried out several flights, trained to rescue people in distress at sea and searched for the "enemy’s" submarine in cooperation with the ships.

The troops of sea soldiers onboard the ships worked out different tasks of anti-terrorism protection and conducted live firing on sea targets.