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Jordan and Syria reopen Nassib border crossing

20:30 15-10-2018
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The border crossing between Jordan and Syria officially opened to civilians and trade on Monday after being closed for three years, Reuters reports.

The Nassib crossing opened an 8 a.m. (0500 GMT), a border official at the Jaber checkpoint on the Jordanian side told a Reuters reporter. By 11:15 a.m., the reporter had seen no traffic at the border other than one Syrian businessman and a group of Jordanian traders who crossed to the Syrian side.

Jordanian state news agency Petra reported early on Monday that Jordan and Syria had agreed to open the border to all in a change from an earlier statement that normal traffic would not be allowed until a later date.

“We are fully ready to receive passengers and transport of goods,” Imad Riyalat, head of the Jaber crossing, told Reuters. “We expect the traffic to be slow now at the start, but in coming days we expect passenger movement to pick up.”

The Syrian government retook the area around the Nassib border crossing with Jordan in July during a Russian-backed offensive to drive rebels from their stronghold in southwest Syria. The civil war in Syria began more than seven years ago.