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Russian military hand 2 tonnes of food to Syrians in Aleppo province

22:40 20-09-2018
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Russian military have distributed a two-tonne humanitarian cargo consisting of about 450 food kits among Syrians in the past 24 hours, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, the chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria, told reporters on Wednesday, TASS reports.

"In the past 24 hours, the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides has carried out a humanitarian mission in Khaklaya, Aleppo province," he said. "During the mission, 450 food kits weighting 1.95 tonnes in total have been handed out."

"Apart from that, the northeastern outskirts of Tadef, Aleppo province, came under shelling by pro-Turkish units near the town of Al-Bab," the defense ministry added, urging the commanders of illegal armed groups to give up provocations and embark on the path of peace to resolve the situation.

The Russian reconciliation center continues to fulfill assigned tasks after the completion of the military campaign in Syria. The center’s officers regularly travel around the country's liberated areas to assess the humanitarian situation. The main efforts of the Russian military are now focused on assistance to the refugees returning to their homes and evacuation of civilians from de-escalation zones.