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Shinzo Abe re-elected as head of ruling party in Japan

18:30 20-09-2018
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been elected as chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party for the third term, according to the results of the election held at the party’s headquarters on Thursdaym BBC reports.

The voting, that was broadcasted live, involved 405 parliamentary members and 405 regional members. Abe’s candidacy was supported by 553 of them, while 254 members voted for his sole challenger, Shigeru Ishiba.

Thus, Abe will be able to head the country’s government until 2021 if the party remains in power. Japanese media reported that in early October he intends to reshuffle the government and the party’s management. The prime minister stated ahead of the election that in case of a victory he plans to focus on reforms in order to "build a new Japan."

Abe first served as prime minister from September 26, 2006, until September 26, 2007. He headed the government the second time in December 2012, after a landslide victory of the Liberal Democratic Party at the general election. His supporters repeatedly suggested giving the head of government more time to carry out economic reforms and also for the Summer Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.