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Iran welcomes agreement between Russia and Turkey on Syria’s Idlib

19:40 18-09-2018
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Tehran welcomes the agreement between Russia and Turkey on the situation in Syria’s Idlib Governorate that was signed in Sochi, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Tuesday, TASS reports.

The agreement declared after a meeting between the Russian and Turkish leaders in Sochi became an important step towards solution to the issue of terrorist groups remaining in Syria," reads the statement published on the website of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Qassemi added that "this measure helps solve the Syrian issue with regard to all humanitarian aspects and is bringing us closer to establishing peace in the country."

He highlighted that "the main goal of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is ending bloodshed in the region and liberating it from terrorists." "We hope that the meeting in Sochi will play an important role in the Astana process, which is directed at solving the Syrian issue as quickly as possible," the diplomat noted.