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Israel formally acknowledges destroying suspected Syrian reactor in 2007

23:00 21-03-2018
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The Israeli military formally acknowledged on Wednesday its destruction of a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, saying the air strike removed a major threat to Israel and the region and was a “message” to others, Reuters reports.

Wednesday’s announcement about “Operation Out of the Box” was made after Israeli military censors lifted a more than 10-year order that had barred Israeli officials from discussing it.

The Israeli military’s announcement was followed up by a release of newly declassified materials including photographs and cockpit video said to show the moment that an air strike destroyed the Al-Kubar facility in the desert near Deir-al-Zor, more than 480 km (300 miles) inside Syria.

“The message from the attack on the nuclear reactor in 2007 is that the State of Israel will not allow the establishment of capabilities that threaten Israel’s existence,” the military chief, Lieutenant-General Gadi Eizencot, said in the statement issued on Wednesday.

“This was our message in 2007, this remains our message today and will continue to be our message in the near and distant future.”