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Senate rejects resolution to end US role in Yemen

21:00 21-03-2018
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The U.S. Senate on Tuesday rejected a resolution that sought to terminate Washington’s support for Saudi Arabia's campaign in Yemen, Anadolu Agency reports.

The Senate voted 55-44 against the resolution, which was introduced three weeks ago by Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Senators Mike Lee and Chris Murphy to end American military assistance in the Saudi-led coalition’s campaign against Houthi rebels.

Sanders had argued that U.S. participation in the Yemeni campaign has never been explicitly authorized by Congress as required by law.

Thousands of Yemeni civilians have died and millions have been displaced due to the Saudi-led coalition's attacks.

"No provision of law explicitly authorizes the provision of targeting assistance or of midair refueling services to warplanes of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates that are engaged in such conflict," he added.

The bipartisan resolution was the latest congressional attempt to check the presidential exercise of military force abroad.