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60 Rohingya born in refugee camps every day

11:50 18-05-2018
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Every day at least 60 new Rohingya babies are born in Bangladeshi refugee camps facing insecurities and a lack of minimal medical facilities, UNICEF said in a new report published Thursday, Anadolu Agency reports.

Over the last nine months more than 16,000 Rohingya babies have been born at the informal shelters made for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, said the report.

“Around 60 babies a day are taking their first breath in appalling conditions, away from home, to mothers who have survived displacement, violence, trauma and, at times, rape,” says Edouard Beigbeder, UNICEF representative in Bangladesh, in the report.

“This is far from the best start in life”, he added.

Of all babies born in the camps since last September -- when Rohingya were fleeing a brutal crackdown in neighboring Myanmar -- only about 3,000 -- or one in five -- were delivered in health facilities. Estimates suggest that only 18 percent of mothers currently give birth in health centers, the report added.

The report also warned that due to a lack of proper documentation and registration at birth, the children can be excluded from accessing education, health care and social security.