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Malaysia regulator denies pressure to cancel AirAsia flights

22:30 15-05-2018
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 Malaysia’s aviation regulator on Tuesday denied having ordered budget airline AirAsia to cancel extra flights meant to help voters return home for the country’s recent election, Reuters reports.

The regulator said it had filed a police report against AirAsia Chief Executive Tony Fernandes, who said the airline had been summoned by it before polling day and told to cancel all additional flights.

In a statement, the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) said it “categorically refutes the accusation that it told AirAsia to cancel all 120 additional flights applied for by AirAsia during the 14th Malaysian General Election period”.

Mavcom “views Fernandes’ claims as serious accusations and has lodged a police report,” it added.

AirAsia did not immediately comment when contacted by Reuters.