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Two Koreas to hold talks as North prepares to shut test site

21:30 15-05-2018
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 North Korea and South Korea agreed on Tuesday to hold high-level talks on Wednesday to discuss steps needed to uphold the pledge to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, South Korea’s Unification Ministry said, Reuters reports.

The meeting will discuss specific plans needed to carry out the April 27 inter-Korea summit declaration, which includes pledges to finally end a seven-decade war this year, and pursue “complete denuclearization”.

On Tuesday, Pyongyang invited one news agency and one television broadcaster from South Korea to observe the shutdown, the South’s Ministry of Unification said.

South Koreans cannot visit North Korea without an invitation from the North and government approval from the South.

Wednesday’s meeting will take place at the Peace House in Panmunjom, where the two sides signed their joint-declaration last month, the Unification Ministry said in a statement.